This Is My Story | A Story of Life, Faith, and Ministry


Paul Beasley-Murray


This Is My Story is an unusually fascinating account of one man’s life. ·It is a story of the making of a man, initially written with grandchildren in mind–“Who was my grandfather? What kind of person was he?”·At another level it is a story of a growing faith, telling how amidst the ups and down of life he has remained a “soft-hearted” pilgrim.·At yet another level it is a story of the making of a leader who never stopped learning how to lead, care, preach, and engage in effective mission.·Perhaps even more significantly, it is also a story of a ministry, in which the author never lost his sense of delight and privilege in his calling to be a pastor.·Finally, as one who has at time been at the center of controversy, it is an opportunity to tell “my side of the story.”This is a book for pastors–and for any Christian–who wants the “inside story” of the pains and triumphs of a Christian leader.

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