Un buon affare | Italian for Business


Giuseppe Tassone


Designed to prepare students to actively engage in the dynamic world of Italian business, Un buon affare is a versatile textbook aimed at the upper-intermediate level that fosters cultural competency, hones practical communication skills, and cultivates linguistic expertise necessary for making connections in one of the European Union’s most important economies. It will also be of great use to professionals conducting business in Italy or with Italian companies.Features:A preliminary warm-up chapter that reviews basic vocabulary and economic terminologyEngaging readings on a variety of business-related topics followed by activities for pairs and groups of studentsActivities that address practical matters, such as making travel arrangements, business communication, writing a business plan or a resume, or preparing for a job interviewA writing section at the end of each chapter that provides practice and improves writing skillsA film section in each chapter that discusses a film related to the world of Italian businessVocabulary and phraseology sections that enable quick access to useful terminologyA companion website that provides new and updated materials related to the themes of the text, relevant links, and other useful informationChapter topics include:The vocabulary of the Italian economy, including the economic sector, the consumer, the entrepreneur, legal structures of Italian companies, labor, the role of the state in the economy, and the public debtThe history, geography, and political and administrative systems of Italy; the European Union; and the euroProducts, design, “Made in Italy” brand, industrial districts, small and large companies, international trade, globalization, banks, and access to creditCreating a business plan, launching a new product, and the Italian advertising industryA web-based research project focused on the Italian company, Luxottica, in which students conduct online research on the company’s history, objectives, product line, and marketing

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