Unzipped: How To Have The Hottest Sex Of Your Life


Manon .


Unleash the sexy, modern woman within yourself and discover a world of sensuality and sexual pleasure that will drive you and your partner wild.This little book of treasures unlocks your feminine sex appeal and introduces you to the fine art of seduction – for maximum effect. Pearls of wisdom to keep you ahead of the sexy pack include:- Sustaining a healthy mind and body;- Developing a powerful yet feminine confidence;- Boosting your sex appeal;- How to become a sensual goddess;- Playing out your innermost sexual fantasies;- The ultimate orgasm and much, much more.Unzipped will have you swinging your hips like a supermodel, whispering those naughty one-liners, looking the part and owning your sexiness. So tune in, turn on and make out.

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