War of Civilisations : The Long Revolution (India AD 1857), 2 Vols.


Amaresh Misra


This is the first of two-volume work, which tells the story of how a huge, long-standing conflict between the East and West was resolved. The world still bears the scars and victory monuments of India’s war against Western civilization that erupted in AD 1857 and continued for over ten years. More than 10 million Indians – 7 percent of the country’s population – perished, most of them murdered on site by rampaging British soldiers.

The third of the two-volume work is about the formation of a titanic, and most bitter, conflict in the nineteenth century. The world still bears scars, victory markings, and outcomes of India’s battle with Western civilization during the Indian Rebellion of 1857 and its decades-long aftermath. More than 10 million Indians died – or 7%

The West’s defeat in 1857 prepared the world for dcolonisation, making it safer for democracy. The West’s dominance throughout history has never been absolute. The Western establishment was unable to completely control the direction and agenda of its own-made boogeymen: political Islam and al-Qaeda as a result of 1857’s persistence of alternatives.

The 1857 war has multiple layers in today’s cultural, religious, economic, political-identity, and military battlegrounds throughout the Middle East, South Asia, Africa and Latin America, as well as Europe and North America’s cities. It is also visible in India’s rise in the twenty-first century—and how it is sometimes referred.

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