“Where Did I Come From?” | An Illustrated Children’s Book on Human Sexuality


Peter Mayle


With over a million copies sold, this classic children’s book has helped parents all over the world discuss the birds and the bees—without any nonsense.First published in 1973, Where Did I Come From? has helped generations of parents talk honestly with their children about the intimate world of human sexuality. Told in an age-appropriate voice respectful of young people’s natural intelligence and lightheartedly illustrated throughout, Where Did I Come From? creates a safe space where families can learn about the traditional facts of life—from the different parts of the body to orgasm and birth.If you’ve been wondering how to have this talk with your children, look no further for a trusted resource that will give you the tools you need to share this critical information sensitively and factually.“I give this book top grades for humanness and honesty. Some parents will find that its humorousness helps them over the embarrassment.” —Dr. Spock

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