Youth Studies | Fundamental Issues and Debates


James Côté


The burgeoning field of youth studies encompasses multiple viewpoints, presenting a confusing picture to novices and experts alike. This insightful text goes to the heart of the fundamental issues and debates that characterize this developing field, giving readers a clearer understanding of its current progress and future prospects.James Côté’s lively, debate-focused overview of the underlying paradigms and theories in youth studies – drawn from the overlapping disciplines of sociology, psychology and cultural studies – functions both as an introduction to the area and as an exercise in critical thinking, putting its readers on the cutting-edge of the field. The chapters move from identifying the key ‘threshold meta-concepts’ that influence research, to showing readers how to critically evaluate key debates in areas that are central to students’ lives, including education, work, family, technologies, youth culture, identity and politics. Youth Studies is the ideal companion to youth-related degree programmes and to youth modules in sociology, social work, social policy, psychology and other related disciplines.

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