Space : The Frontiers of Modern Defence


Nair, K.K.


The growing significance of space utilization for a country’s economic and social well-being has been evident in recent decades. Simultaneously, the use of space for military purposes began to proliferate dramatically, having such an impact on every aspect of ground, sea, and air warfare that it became commonplace.

More recent conflicts, on the other hand, have revealed that future combat will be controlled, prosecuted, and dominated by space capabilities. It’s no surprise that nations started to pay more attention to utilizing space technologies for military applications as soon as space-based and/or space-enabled military capabilities began to affect war visibly, especially in recent wars.

For nations that can afford to invest in space technology, the exploitation of outer space for military purposes is a very attractive objective. China, for example, has made significant investments in space capabilities for military use; and Pakistan, like India, has demonstrated interest in using outer space for military purposes. Our country’s space program, for sound reasons, has focused almost entirely on civil applications. We have amassed excellent skills as a result of this process. However we have neglected to pay attention to global trends regarding the growing importance of space assets and capabilities for defense and military applications.

In the process, we are not only denying ourselves a critical skill, but we are also clearly trailing behind nations like China. this nation’s lack of research on the topic is a silent attestation to its national inadequacy. This book aims to address the current void regarding s[pace exploitation as a means of defending our country in the future – an issue that will have increasingly important implications in modern military and warfare strategy.

Contents : Introduction / Evolution of Space for Military Use / Civilian Uses and Application of Space / Merging Forntiers of Air and Space / Military Space Theories and Doctrines : Comparative Querview / Examining Space Law and its Military Implications / The Great Asian Space Based Options Militarisation Race / Examining Space Based Options for National Power / Proposed Space Road Map for Fulfilling Defence Requirements / Leaders for Managing Future Space Capabilities.

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