Introduction to Greek (3rd ed.)

Author Cynthia W. Shelmerdine Description A widely adopted textbook for first-year Classical Greek, Introduction to Greek has been rethought from the ground up in this third edition to make it even more effective and user friendly.Features include:Streamlined coverage of grammar with fewer chaptersReorganized and clarified presentation of grammarA greater number and wider range of exercisesAdditional […]

Retratos: Arte y Sociedad en Latinoamerica y Espana

Author Margarita M. Sánchez Description Drawing on authentic cultural materials ranging from thought-provoking artwork to classic literature and short contemporary films, Retratos: Arte y sociedad en Latinoamérica y España offers a fresh and inspired approach to the teaching of advanced Spanish Composition. In each of the eight thematically-organized chapters, these primary source materials provide a […]

Spanish Grammar | A Quick Reference

Author David Wren Description On its own, or in conjunction with a variety of free online resources—grammar and vocabulary exercises, pronunciation drills, and more—this accurate and well-organized book is the ideal reference for students of Spanish at any level.

A Reading Course in Homeric Greek, Book 1 (3rd ed.)

Author Leslie Collins Edwards Description A Reading Course in Homeric Greek, Book One, Third Edition is a revised edition of the well respected text by Frs. Schoder and Horrigan. This text provides an introduction to Ancient Greek language as found in the Greek of Homer. Covering 120 lessons, readings from Homer begin after the first […]

Familia Romana (2nd ed.)

Author Hans H. Ørberg Description Hans Ørberg’s Lingua Latina per se Illustrata is the world’s premiere series for learning Latin via the Natural Method. The Natural Method encourages students to learn Latin without resorting to translation, but instead by teaching them to think in the language: students first learn grammar and vocabulary inductively through extended contextual reading […]

El cine documental | Spanish Language and Culture through Documentary Film

Author Tammy Jandrey Hertel Description El cine documental is an innovative intermediate/advanced textbook that provides students with the tools needed to communicate accurately and appropriately in Spanish. Learning is centered on cultural themes related to thought-provoking documentaries from around the Spanish-speaking world. Through the culturally rich and linguistically authentic medium of documentary film, El cine […]

Deutsche Literatur im Kontext 1750-2000 | A German Literature Reader

Author Waltraud Maierhofer Description Deutsche Literatur im Kontext 1750-2000 is organized by historic periods and includes carefully chosen readings, with notes and vocabulary, beginning with Goethe and ending with modern authors such as Günther Grass. Also included are numerous exercises and thought provoking questions for each chapter and support materials which emphasize the cultural and […]

Practice Makes Perfect: Basic Portuguese, Premium Second Edition (2nd ed.)

Author Sue Tyson-Ward Description Master essentiallanguage skills to build your confidence in basic PortugueseWhether you are learningon your own with a textbook or taking a beginning class, Practice MakesPerfect: Basic Portuguese will support your study and build yourconfidence in your new language. Each bite-sized lesson of this proven guidefocuses on essential vocabulary and key grammar […]

A New Reference Grammar of Modern Spanish (6th ed.)

Author John B. Butt Description A New Reference Grammar of Modern Spanish is a comprehensive, cohesive and clear guide to the forms and structures of Spanish as it is written and spoken today in Spain and Latin-America. It includes clear descriptions of all the main grammatical phenomena of Spanish, and their use, illustrated by numerous […]

Japanese For Dummies (3rd ed.)

Author Hiroko M. Chiba Description Learn to speak JapaneseJapanese language enrollment is up by 27.5 percent since 2006, making it the sixth most popular language studied on college campuses. Whether studying for school, business, or travel, Japanese For Dummies provides complete coverage of all Japanese language essentials including grammar, usage, and vocabulary.Complete with free conversational […]

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